Eliminate Data Migration Pains

Flowcore offers the tools to streamline your data platform, enhancing flexibility and security across your organization. Say goodbye to migration hassles and take control of your data journey.
Redefining Data Management
Traditional ETL processes can be cumbersome and inflexible. Flowcore's TL approach simplifies data ingestion, transformation, and loading, making your data operations more agile and efficient.
Flowcore shifts the paradigm by focusing on long-term storage first, allowing for explicit transformations when you need them. This eliminates the need for periodic migration projects, saving time and resources.
Developer Experience
API-First for Maximum Flexibility
Flowcore is built with developers in mind, but its benefits extend beyond the dev team. Our API-first approach means you can integrate Flowcore seamlessly into your existing workflows.
Your Data, Your Rules
Whether you choose to use Flowcore's infrastructure or your own, you have the freedom to manage your data as you see fit. This flexibility empowers not just developers, but entire teams to collaborate more effectively.
Our Mission: Simplifying Data Management
At Flowcore, we're committed to making data management as straightforward and efficient as possible, benefiting not just developers but entire organizations.
Built successful real-time tech startups together and apart for the last 25+ years
Olavur Ellefsen

Olavur Ellefsen

CEO & Co-founder


Joan Sørensen

Joan Sørensen

CSO & Co-founder


Julius á Rógvi Biskopstø

Julius á Rógvi Biskopstø

VP Engineering & Co-founder


Brian Bischoff

Brian Bischoff

Chairman & Co-founder


Jóhann Østerø

Jóhann Østerø

Senior Developer


Subscription Plans



  • 10 GB storage
  • Public Data Cores



  • 100 GB storage
  • Public Data Cores
  • Private Data Cores



  • 2 TB storage
  • Public Data Cores
  • Private Cores
  • 3 collaborators included
  • $10/collaborator after


From $1,800/month

  • Dedicated resources
  • Custom deployment
  • Dedicated support
  • Service Level Agreement
Note: all plans come with 'fair usage of compute' limitations and will incur additional fees for managed read models.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

  • Capture Raw Data with Event Sourcing

    Flowcore's event sourcing capability allows you to gather raw data first and put it directly into long-term storage. This ensures that you capture every detail for future use.
  • Create Data Structures On-the-Fly

    With explicit transformations, you can create the data structures you need, when you need them. This adds a layer of flexibility that traditional data stacks can't offer.
  • Say Goodbye to Periodic Migrations

    Flowcore eliminates the need for periodic migration projects, freeing up valuable time and resources across your organization.
  • Built for Developers, Beneficial for All

    While Flowcore is designed with a developer-first approach, its features offer organization-wide benefits. From API-first design to flexible deployment options, Flowcore is built to integrate seamlessly into your operations.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Features

    Flowcore is built for teamwork. With features like source control and data core sharing, it's easier than ever to collaborate on data management tasks.
  • Your Data is Safe with Us

    Flowcore takes security seriously. With robust encryption and compliance features, you can trust that your data is in safe hands.